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Starfield fans are gushing over “invisible walls” and the possible limits of exploration

Starfield is released in just a few days, so naturally fans are spending the remaining hours picking apart every new leak. After copies of the game got into the hands of some players early, a steady stream of screenshots, videos and first-hand…Read More »

Google AI researcher says he left to build startup after encountering ‘big business-itis’

Sakana AI founders Llion Jones, left, and David Ha meet at a rooftop bar in Tokyo. Jones, a co-author of Google’s seminal Transformers research paper, is the chief technology officer of the generative AI research laboratory, and Ha, a former Google researcher,…Read More »

Final Fantasy XVI Suffers From Its Superficial Handling Of Slavery

Final Fantasy XVI situates itself within a backdrop of swords, sorcery, and political turmoil, as its picturesque world of Valisthea is filled with inhabitants complicit in the upholding of slavery. Throughout the land, where lush evergreen forests, dank underground ruins, and rolling…Read More »

Millions of Apple customers receive payments in $500 million iPhone ‘batterygate’ settlement. Here’s what you need to know.

iPhone users will have to adjust to a small but significant change Millions of iPhone owners whose older devices slowed down after software updates may soon get a payday. Apple will soon pay out between $310 million and $500 million to up…Read More »