Change Agility in the Workplace: Become a Change Agent – Course Content

Introduction 3 lectures • 3min Change in the Workplace4 lectures • 10min Lesson #1: Be Ready for Anything4 lectures • 9min Lesson #2: Think Outside the Box3 lectures • 5min Lesson #3: Use Resources Wisely4 lectures • 7min Lesson #4: Tolerate Ambiguity3 lectures • 5min Lesson #5: Communicate3 lectures • 6min Conclusion3 lectures • 4min

7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence – Course Content

Introduction to Influence3 lectures • 5min Engage Your Audience1 lecture • 6min Be Emotionally Curious1 lecture • 11min Use Power Body Language1 lecture • 10min Once Upon A Time…1 lecture • 16min Bare Your Emotions1 lecture • 8min Favor Me?1 lecture • 9min Get Contagious1 lecture • 5min Bonuses and 30 Day Action Plan4 lectures • 16min

Best Practices for Working Remotely

Join Shelley Osborne, VP of Learning, for her best tips to set yourself up for success when working from home. What you’ll Learn •Use frequent communication to stay connected and social with your colleagues. •Employ the right tools to make sure you…Read More »

Introductory Photography Course

The fastest way to get off ‘Auto’ mode and unlock the creative potential of your camera. What you’ll Learn •Everything from the basics of how your camera works and correct technique through to setting your AF mode, AF points, resolution. •My top…Read More »