By | September 22, 2023

We will explore the top 10 greens that are believed to bring positive energy and good fortune to your space. From the elegant Lucky Bamboo to the vibrant Sunflower, each plant on this list has its own unique charm and symbolism. Discover how these greens can enhance your wealth, promote success.

10th – Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo Feng Shui can enhance the energy of the wood element in the five elements, adjust the aura of the space, and make people more energetic. It not only has many benefits in terms of Feng Shui effects, but it is also very easy to grow, making it a popular choice among indoor home potted plants.

Improve wealth luck
Place the lucky bamboo, which stays green throughout the year, in the southeast and east of your home. Green items associated with wood can attract wealth and improve your home’s financial fortune. It can also improve the overall fortune of the family and promote good health.

9th – Money Tree

The money tree holds a very positive meaning. It is favored by many businessmen and wealthy individuals, who often place a pot at home or in the office as a symbol of continuous wealth. However, there are several important considerations when positioning the money tree. In fact, there are multiple methods to choose from. Would you like to hear about them?


Placing a large-denomination banknote under the money tree signifies using money to attract more money, as the money tree itself is believed to generate wealth. By doing so, you can enhance your luck with finances, leading to a stronger sense of prosperity for your family.

8th – Jade Plant

The leaves of the jade plant are fleshy, thick, dark green, and shiny. They have a thickness similar to coins, which gives them an aesthetically pleasing appearance. As a result, the jade plant is considered an auspicious tree.

7th – Snake Plant

Snake Plant is known for its ability to purify the air in your home, as its leaves absorb toxic substances. According to Feng Shui, Sansevieria, in addition to its medicinal uses, is believed to be an excellent plant for attracting money, prosperity, and good energy.

While Snake Plant is believed to have magical powers, it is important to place it in the right location for it to be effective.

6th – Hoya Plant

The Hoya Plant is known for its positive symbolism. By placing it in the living room, it can create a harmonious atmosphere and promote smooth activities, ultimately bringing prosperity to the home. Additionally, the Hoya Plant can be pruned and placed in the kitchen to attract good fortune. It is also believed to have the ability to ward off negative energies and attract wealth.

5th – Four-Leaf Clover

According to legend, after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve decided to search for a four-leaf clover as a way to remember the lost life in paradise. Thus, finding a four-leaf clover is seen as equivalent to possessing a piece of heaven. Throughout history, clover has been given various beautiful meanings by those who adore it. It has become a symbol of love, family affection, and friendship among people, and is cherished by all who appreciate life.

There is also a belief that each leaf of a four-leaf clover holds a different significance, representing the four things that one dreams of in life: reputation, wealth, love, and health. If one possesses all these elements simultaneously, they are considered lucky. Specifically, the first leaf symbolizes true love, the second leaf represents dedication, the third leaf signifies reputation, and the fourth leaf stands for wealth.

4th – Sunflower

Sunflowers symbolize wealth and prosperity. The bright and golden flowers of sunflowers shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight. By placing them indoors, not only can you enhance the beauty of your home environment, but also attract wealth to your home.

3re – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is widely regarded as a potent plant associated with symbols of “wealth,” “luck,” and “protection.” When grown indoors or in an office setting, aloe vera has been shown to reduce stress, enhance emotional well-being, and potentially increase prosperity. Furthermore, aloe vera has the ability to absorb harmful chemicals like benzene and carbon dioxide while emitting fresh oxygen, which promotes human health.

2nd – Orchids

Orchids are associated with an elegant and refined image of a gentleman, symbolizing nobility, virtue, and beauty. Even in Western countries, orchids have a positive image, representing warmth, friendship, and confidence in the language of flowers.

1st – Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is a perennial herbaceous plant with sail-like leaves, symbolizing smooth sailing and a successful career. In Feng Shui, it is also believed to have a protective and peaceful effect, making it highly popular among consumers. Moreover, it has the ability to absorb indoor exhaust gases and formaldehyde. Many decorated rooms choose to place a few pots of Peace Lily to purify the air.